Thursday, April 26, 2012

A Week in the Life: Wed.

So Wed. I did not get as many pictures.... but still a good representation of the day. As time goes on I get more and more tried with freshmen registration and its hard to remember to get pictures when you have to see a room full of students. My Wed:

8:20AM So this week I had decided to bring coffee from home. However, every other week of my life I go to the campus Starbucks. Wed. I was running late and broke down and got Starbucks from campus.

12:00PM During lunch I went to a Lunch & Learn sponsored by Frost Bank on campus. It was packed! They even provided us with McAllister's for lunch. The Lunch & Learn was on Wills & Testaments. I had no idea it was such a hot topic.

 7:00PM was Book Club. We were discussing Whip Smart. Some we talk books and sometimes we just talk. Tonight it was a combo of both. We always bring foods and have a little dinner as we talk. I love this Book/Social Club. Great group of gals.

 9:30PM This is Kat's new dog Panda. Last time I saw him he was a tiny fluffy ball. He is big now! Kat is actually the dog whisper in disguise!

9:45 This is sweet Toby. Who is growing like a weed. This is the best picture I could get because he kept hiding from me. My future child will probably do the same thing, because you know I will be shutter happy!

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Sara said...

Tear... I miss book club! Toby looks like he has grown a lot since I saw him in Janaury. Good luck with registration!