Tuesday, July 10, 2012

10 Baby Things

On the 10th of the month I try and do Shimelle's 10th on the 10th. We essentially make a list of 10 anythings. Since I have had baby on the brain, below are 10 things that I think are cool things for babies:

3 Sprouts owl caddy to hold diaper items or anything you want, really.

Baby Bjorn Travel bed

 Trumpette's baby high top sneaker socks

A baby book with a bit more. This book gives you space to talk about what was going on at the time your baby was growing up. For example, the price of gas at the time, etc.

Cool Texas onesie from Locally Grown Clothing

The Fly Baby Hammock for airplane rides

Rad onesie! From Little Atoms on Etsy

Owl wet/dry bag for cloth diapering. You can hold both wet and dry stuff in the same bag. Woah, woah. (Have you guessed my theme for the nursery is owls?!) From Planet Wise.

O is for Owl huggable blanket. By Kid Preferred.

The Nest by Phil and Ted. Awesome portable baby bed.