Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We found our rings!

I found our wedding rings! They were in an old Nike shoebox.
Jeff, our roomate, is moving out so he began to move boxes from my office/the storage room and I am came into the room to see if I could move some stuff into the closet (we have a whole lot of random stuff sitting around our townhouse with no place to go)In the closet was the Nike shoe box.I decided to open it and there inside, in a tiny white box, were our wedding rings.

For those that don't know, the night before the wedding Sam and I were desperately looking for our wedding rings and never found them, so we had to get on th plane to Sctoalnd with fake wedding rings. We just now found them. In August, we will have been married a year.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

new curtains

Sam and I used our wedding certificates to get new curtains. When people would come over we would sit at the dining/ kitchen table and play games. Sam's dog, Jack, would see us inside and bark and bark, so we would cover the windows with throws. We bought curtains once, but then Jack came in and promptly tore them down by getting tangled in them. So this time we bought side hooks that we could hook the curtains in when he comes inside. This why he will not get tangled in them. Anyway, I am just excited that now have pretty curtains.

We also ordered dining chairs over the internet. They will be delivered to our door. Yea! Our old dining chairs are from a previous dining table and are pretty much falling apart.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Housing woes

Well folks, Sam and I found a house after looking at just three and put an offer on it. As things progressed, we realized quotes that were given to us were not correct or crucial points were left out and not told to us until the last moment. For example, things like variable vs. fixed rate mortgages. Our glorious deal with Centex did not turn out to be all that glorious. So Sam and I pulled away from the negotiating table. What we found was that in reality we did not really have enough money to live where we want to live and be in the kind of house that we want to be in. So for the next two years, we are going to try and save half my salary and pay off those stubborn credit cards.