Monday, September 21, 2009

cool blog

This blog is cool. I like the idea she came up with.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

365 Days photo project fail

So Sam and I got sick with bronchitis and it literally took a month or more to recover. So I did not take a picture everyday, because I just felt bad or was puking. I was thinking of calling off the 365 pictures a day project. However, folks seemed like they did not want that to happen. One person's suggestion was to just extend it a month to make up for the month I lost. Another idea was to do a collage of what is happening now in my life and not really follow a daily timeline, but more of a highlights for the month. I like this idea. So I might approach this project very differently starting now.

Saturday, May 02, 2009

even more 365

even more 365
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Ok here is the rest that i have uploaded:

March 9: view of my office at work
March 10: Ruben's saved my car and money. go here.
March 11: finally it rains!
march 12: Sam eats with Dad and chats
March 13: Supernatural is a good show
march 14: new kitchen tile
march 15: Moonlight path is back at Bath & Body and its my fav
march 16: bought a swimsuit and Life is Good gear. Its my fav.
March 17: Kat and I at Stamp Club
March 18: SA finally re cycles!
march 19: mailed off passport
march 20: El Chaparell for Book Club
march 21: my scrap room. Notice its clean!
March 22: sweet Alex sleeps with his hands in the air
march 23: Buster sleeps in our yard. He lives across the street
march 24: my fav cabinet
march 25: got this chair in Ecuador
march 26: toby has awesome hair
march 27: I love reading NY Times at work
march 28: its spring. China berry trees in back yard
March 29: kat holds wee Alex
march 30: our backyard
March 31: grape leaf spotted. We planted these ourselves
April 1: new tile in bathroom
April 2: another random cat in our front yard napping

more 365

more 365
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Hi folks ok here are some of the 365 pictures for feb and March...more to come....

Jan 31: Cappicino Blasts are the best
Feb1: new software for the Mac
Feb 2: Mom and i watch The Closer
Feb 3: MAC Hello Kitty premerie with Daniel Kitty
Feb 4: Jeff, Sam and I at Thai Taste
Feb 5: making blocks for Sara's shower
Feb 6: I was sick boo
Feb 7: Sara's baby shower
Feb 8: oops gotta find that one
Feb9: doing laundry
Feb 10: stamps for $7
Feb 11: Thin Mints yummm
Feb 12: Moonsun, Sam and I eat Koren food
Feb 13: My leg hurts to move so brace time
Feb 14: sam and me happy v day
Feb 15: new tile in boxes
Feb 16: wallace
Feb 17: tea bag holder I made at Stamp club
Feb 18: simple scrapbooks magazine
Feb: 19: Friendly Forest cool scrapbook line
Feb 20: our fireplace mantle. Jaguar from Oaxaca
Feb 21: my groomed eyebrows
Feb22: Oscars!
Feb 23: Oaxacan pots
Feb 24: our piano
Feb 25: The Majestic ticket box. we saw David Copperfield
Feb 26: Our living room
Feb 27: My nesting dolls I got in Russia
Feb 28: Sam with Wallace
march 1: painting mt nails
March 2: a hello kitty motorcycle!
March 3: Heroes is an awesome show
March 4: cool flowers at UTSA
March 5: Kat wrapped up Toby in a super cute towel
March 6: Freebirds yum
March 7: deciding on blinds for scraproom
march 8: Sara and new baby Alex

Saturday, April 04, 2009


I found that i really love recycling. Recently in our neighborhood, we switched to the new recycling program that the city is beginning to apply to all neighborhoods. We got two 96 gallon trash cans from the city. One is brown for everyday trash in a trash bag and the the other is blue for recycling. They even gave us a smaller blue container for our kitchen. Basically, I love sorting the trash into recyclable and not recyclable. It is very satisfying for me. Maybe its my secret anal side. Who knows? It's fascinating to see all that you can really recycle. I found that a lot of my trash can be recycled and the blue bin is often fuller than the brown. Yea.

Monday, March 30, 2009


A theme with this 365 project is that I like food and movies/TV. These seem to be events that show up again and again.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Thin Mints!

I love Thin Mints. My husband and I have gone through 4 boxes this Girl SCout season alone. Hmmmmm

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Jan 17 to Jan 21

Jan 17 to Jan 21
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Ok so I forgot a week, so here it is:
Jan 17: We read a lot! Here is our bookshelves in the "dining" room
Jan 18: Today i played with my make up. Here is a sample
Jan 19: I met up with my friend Reshmey, whom I had not seen in years
Jan 20: Obama is our new president. Today was his inauguration
Jan 21: Today I mostly watched TV. Cold Case is a favorite

Jan 22 to Jan 30 2009

Jan 22 to Jan 30 2009
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Jan 22: Going shopping at Michael's craft store
Jan 23: This is my favorite lamp in the house
Jan 24: I made these invitations for Sara's baby shower
Jan 25: Sara, Kat and I get together once a month to scrapbook
Jan 26: We went to mom's for The Closer premerie and she made us pork chops
Jan 27: It so cold today we decide to have a fire
Jan 28: We had rootbeer floats tonight
Jan 29: At The Rack they has Kid Robot bags on sale!
Jan 30: Looking at my computer for ideas on how to do this 365 project

Friday, January 16, 2009

jan 12 to 16

My creation
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So my original intention was to post a picture everyday and then comment on it, but it seems like the pictures are coming in groups. So here is another collage (starting in top LH corner going Left to right):
Jan 12: We eat out quite a bit. Today it was Chinese food. We love this place. Look how much food there is
Jan 13: One of my hobbies is scrapbooking. I am currently trying to organize my scraproom. This is a picture of some of my creative tools and my scrap carrier
Jan 14: Sam and I like the Great Cthulu stories by Lovecraft. We also like games. He found this game that incorporated the Cthulu mythos. We are excited to play it.
Jan 15: I spontaneously decided to go hang out with Kat. Jacky , Kat and I talked into the night! It was a really good time. Here we are taking a picture with Toby ready for bed
Jan 16: I joined this stamp club. We meet once a month to make cards. I am really enjoying it. Here some cards we made tonight

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jan 2009 so far

Jan 2009 so far
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So I decided I am going to take a picture every day for a year. The collage is Jan 2 through today. Jan 1 is in Dad's camera. I will post it once he sends it. So just a quick note on each (start top row in LH corner) :
Jan. 2: Steve is in town. I am always glad when my siblings are back in town and we can hang out together like old times.
Jan 3: We visit Kat's kid, Toby. Super cute and he loves to read and show us his various toys and loves kid jazz
Jan 4: This is a movie theatre. One of our favorite things to do is watch movies. We will watch them anywhere, even in different countries.
Jan 5: I go to get my Remicade treatment. They drip the medicine in through an IV. It is for my JRA
Jan 6: Mom, Dad and Steve helped me clean put the garage. These are some of the boxes that we put on the curb for pick up, yet it rained. So here are my wet boxes that the recycling folks did not take!
Jan 7: Steve's last night. We went to get ice cream.This is another favorite activity.
Jan 8: They now have a Starbucks on campus. Yes I am there frequently.
Jan 9: I work in the freshmen advising center and we advise freshmen during orientation on their first semester classes. This is the bucket of my files and papers I drag to orientation.
Jan 10: This is our dog Jack soaking up sunshine after being in the garage. Our dogs are going through heart worm treatments, so we have to keep them in the garage when we are not here.
Jan 11: Sam and I go to breakfast at least once during the weekend. It is our little breakfast tradition. Today we went to IHOP.