Saturday, May 02, 2009

even more 365

even more 365
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Ok here is the rest that i have uploaded:

March 9: view of my office at work
March 10: Ruben's saved my car and money. go here.
March 11: finally it rains!
march 12: Sam eats with Dad and chats
March 13: Supernatural is a good show
march 14: new kitchen tile
march 15: Moonlight path is back at Bath & Body and its my fav
march 16: bought a swimsuit and Life is Good gear. Its my fav.
March 17: Kat and I at Stamp Club
March 18: SA finally re cycles!
march 19: mailed off passport
march 20: El Chaparell for Book Club
march 21: my scrap room. Notice its clean!
March 22: sweet Alex sleeps with his hands in the air
march 23: Buster sleeps in our yard. He lives across the street
march 24: my fav cabinet
march 25: got this chair in Ecuador
march 26: toby has awesome hair
march 27: I love reading NY Times at work
march 28: its spring. China berry trees in back yard
March 29: kat holds wee Alex
march 30: our backyard
March 31: grape leaf spotted. We planted these ourselves
April 1: new tile in bathroom
April 2: another random cat in our front yard napping

more 365

more 365
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Hi folks ok here are some of the 365 pictures for feb and March...more to come....

Jan 31: Cappicino Blasts are the best
Feb1: new software for the Mac
Feb 2: Mom and i watch The Closer
Feb 3: MAC Hello Kitty premerie with Daniel Kitty
Feb 4: Jeff, Sam and I at Thai Taste
Feb 5: making blocks for Sara's shower
Feb 6: I was sick boo
Feb 7: Sara's baby shower
Feb 8: oops gotta find that one
Feb9: doing laundry
Feb 10: stamps for $7
Feb 11: Thin Mints yummm
Feb 12: Moonsun, Sam and I eat Koren food
Feb 13: My leg hurts to move so brace time
Feb 14: sam and me happy v day
Feb 15: new tile in boxes
Feb 16: wallace
Feb 17: tea bag holder I made at Stamp club
Feb 18: simple scrapbooks magazine
Feb: 19: Friendly Forest cool scrapbook line
Feb 20: our fireplace mantle. Jaguar from Oaxaca
Feb 21: my groomed eyebrows
Feb22: Oscars!
Feb 23: Oaxacan pots
Feb 24: our piano
Feb 25: The Majestic ticket box. we saw David Copperfield
Feb 26: Our living room
Feb 27: My nesting dolls I got in Russia
Feb 28: Sam with Wallace
march 1: painting mt nails
March 2: a hello kitty motorcycle!
March 3: Heroes is an awesome show
March 4: cool flowers at UTSA
March 5: Kat wrapped up Toby in a super cute towel
March 6: Freebirds yum
March 7: deciding on blinds for scraproom
march 8: Sara and new baby Alex