Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Reflect on this....

Driving by St.George Maronite Catholic Church, thier church kiosk that you can see from the road read:

" Do the math, count your blessings"

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Scrapbook Convention

Well Saturday Sara and I jetted downtown to the Great American Scrapbook Convention at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. There was booth after booth of merchandise and yes Sara and I brought home stuff. To get on the show floor was $7. The workshops you paid for individually. They went into depth about various techniques. You could also go to crops in the evening until midnight. Sara and I just walked around the show room floor. Just for going to the convention we got a free scrapbook magazine subscription. We also discovered a new scrapbook place in San Antonio we had not gone to by the airport. I got a supply tote and Sara bought a wheel tote like the one I got for Christmas. It was actually a folded cart, so it can be used for more than just scrapbook. I found two vendors I really liked Rusy Pickle
and My Mind's Eye. Rusty pickle was run by all guys so I don't what the means but it was refreshing. That right guys you can scrap, too. I also got a pink shirt that says "Live. Love.Scrap" on the front. I think that pretty much sums it up. I got this awesome circus paper from Rustry Pickle. (Steve all I am saying is buttons!) Overall, the day rocked.

Interesting note: There were two other conventions going on in the generally vicinity of the scrapping area. They were the Towing Convention, as in tow trucks and then the Entreprenial Bootcamp for Christian Families. Yea the people watching alone for those two groups was priceless. The fact that they had to mix and mingle to get to thier rooms was classic. You couldn't have two more different groups.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

more oaxaca

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So the family just got back from Oaxaca, Mexico. It was awesome! The whole family went: Mom, Dad, Steve, Von, Neal, Aunt Neat, Grandma, Uncle Robert, Aunt Debbie, Sam and I.
Oaxaca was beautiful the climate was temperate, so not too hot or cold. It rained some, but it was more like showers.
We saw ruins and we got to go to different villages. Each village had its own craft that the whole done more or less was skilled in. The techniques have been handed down through generations. Each place was new and intersting and beautiful. It just made me think what am I creating in my life? How can I see my world more creatively?
The place we stayed was Villa Maria. Maria was awesome and helpful and everyone there was so nice. In fact, everyone in Oaxaca is nice and happy it just gave me a good vibe.
Oaxaca is made up of different indigenous groups each with there own cultures and ways of living. I loved learning about Mitla and Monte Alban and the socities that once lived there.
I pretty much immediately fell in love with Oaxaca City and I know I will be back.
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