Thursday, October 20, 2005

So the other day Pam and I went to this new restaurant right near my house. It was all organic food. It was called Algre Organic Kitchen. Pam had a shake that pretty much rocked the house. They have only been open 5 weeks. I hope they make it because I am excited to see an organic restaurant.

Here is a cool website: They just started selling these products in our bookstore!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

This cutie is Savannah. Misty's daughter. We went to the beach the first weekend in October to relax and hang out. It was me, Michelle M., Michelle L., Misty, and Savannah. We went to North Padre Island. It was fun. I took lots of pictures of Savannah and she is not even my kid, so I really don't know what that means. It probably just means my biological clock is ticking with a deafening loud tone.

I switched from Flickr to Shutterfly mainly because they will let you upload all the pictures in the world and then you just send them to whoever and people can buy them, too. Of course, you can blog and share on flicker and not so much on shutterfly. I guess I should be more discriminate with my flicker pictures because I just reached my limit for the month and I did not even upload all the pictures from the beach.

Monday, October 03, 2005

Well, last Thursday I went to my first ever scrapbook class and it ruled! They gave us a notebook to keep track of our assignments and we can use all their tools for free! I bought a bag that came with supplies inside it. It had all the beginning stuff to start scrappin', which is what I like to call it. They showed this example of one of the staff members and how they found a letter written by a great grandmother. The letter was to future generations and her advice on what the important things in life were. It ruled! This is the kind of stuff I hope that scrapbooking with mom and I will accomplish. I want to get things organized and ready for future generations. I remember the few things I found from Dad's side of the family and they really are brilliant. That is what I hope to bring to mom's side.

On Fridays they have "scrap" nights and you bring your supplies and photos and just start scrappin' You get your own 6 foot table to work on. Free drinks, use of supplies and discounts on everything in the store! ROCK! Hopefully, Mom and I can do that some time.

Here is the place: