Monday, June 27, 2011

I have been....

I like the update post on this blog, so I thought I would give it a whirl.

I have been....
  • attending a funeral
  • contemplating a patio make over
  • worrying about cleaning for the homestudy
  • anticipating that adoption intake call
  • watching True Blood
  • organizing my scrap stuff
  • hanging with my sister
  • thinking about possible vacations
  • celebrating my grandma's 85th birthday
  • attending card camp
  • scrapping with friends
  • learning to give myself shots (for osteoporosis)
  • eating from taco trucks
  • working summer orientation at UTSA

Friday, June 10, 2011

10 Things (I love about summer)

Over at Shimelle's blog is a new project called 10 Things. The idea is on the 10 of the month you blog about 10 things. You can do anything. You can do pictures or words or whatever inspires you. Today I am going to blog about summer, my favorite season!

1) Sunshine. I am fair skinned, but love the warmth of the sun. Sunscreen is a must accessory.

2) Swimming. I love being in the water and I love to swim. (I use to be on a swim team)

3) Bar-B-Ques. Love the smell of mesquite bar-b-que and the fun and friends that come with it.

4) Vacations. Our anniversary is in the summer, so we always take a trip in August. Also, as a kid we always took our family vacations in the summer.

5) Sundresses. I love it when all the new sundress styles come out. I love the loose free kinda dresses. 

6) Walking barefoot just because you can. (In TX, you may want to be careful because sometimes it is too hot and you will burn your feet.)

7) Ice Cream. Really you can eat this anytime, but in summer it is much more refreshing.

8) Outdoor Festivals/Concerts. Yes, it is hot. However, the food, the fun and the music are worth it. Just bring sunscreen and a large hat!

9) Schliterbahn. This is a ginormous water park in New Braunfels that I love!

10) Tubing/Camping. Again camping can be hot, but that is why you spend your day sitting in a inner- tube floating down the river. Floating Ice chest is optional. Usually, in my world, tubing and camping go hand in hand.  Although, they can be done separately.

Do you have a favorite part of summer? If so, please share!