Wednesday, May 24, 2006

We found our rings!

I found our wedding rings! They were in an old Nike shoebox.
Jeff, our roomate, is moving out so he began to move boxes from my office/the storage room and I am came into the room to see if I could move some stuff into the closet (we have a whole lot of random stuff sitting around our townhouse with no place to go)In the closet was the Nike shoe box.I decided to open it and there inside, in a tiny white box, were our wedding rings.

For those that don't know, the night before the wedding Sam and I were desperately looking for our wedding rings and never found them, so we had to get on th plane to Sctoalnd with fake wedding rings. We just now found them. In August, we will have been married a year.


MaryAnn said...

Just cruised by and read this post. Congratulations, twice!

nerdelite said...

Will you take pictures of them you phat tuppe? I never got to see the rings.

pamela said...

this is great news! : ) i am glad for you both. and sorry about the house thing falling through.

thanks for your continuing comments on my blog.

love, pam