Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Housing woes

Well folks, Sam and I found a house after looking at just three and put an offer on it. As things progressed, we realized quotes that were given to us were not correct or crucial points were left out and not told to us until the last moment. For example, things like variable vs. fixed rate mortgages. Our glorious deal with Centex did not turn out to be all that glorious. So Sam and I pulled away from the negotiating table. What we found was that in reality we did not really have enough money to live where we want to live and be in the kind of house that we want to be in. So for the next two years, we are going to try and save half my salary and pay off those stubborn credit cards.


Amber G said...

Oh sista....I feel ya. Sorry the house buying adventure didn't go as you hoped. We are going to be spending several years paying off debt before we can buy a house. Good luck! I know ya'll can do it!

nerdelite said...

Don't worry tuppe. The time will come. I can't wait to see you phatties at the end of MAY. Pfffft.