Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Week in the Life: My Tuesday

I am continuing with Ali's A Week in the Life today.

Some thoughts:
  • My overheard moments and my favorite moments tend to be the same.
  • I like noting the song/artist on the radio on my daily sheets. I have not gotten the morning song thus far, but mostly because I don't function well in the morning and some days I barely remember driving to work. Don't worry I live close to campus. I am not on any major highways or anything. I enjoy the night life, baby! (yes, I went there!) I have always been more of a night person.
My Tuesday:

Notice no morning pictures. Woke up late and barely got to work on time. Tear.

1:00PM lunch from Broadway Daily Bread. Yea, healthier than yesterday's Chick-Fil-A.

5:30 just got home and parked the car in the driveway. (This one's for you, Sara!)

5:30 started taking pictures of my house. My plants survived the drought from last summer pretty well. New paint on the outside. No longer pink.

5:45ish I bought this carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese frosting at the bakery when I picked up lunch. It called to me! MMMM.noommm.MMMM. Drool.

6:00ish: I love sweets, but somehow this cupcake was too much! Dare, I say such words! Not even the tall glass of milk could help me get through it. My eyes are always bigger than my stomach. Sam ate the last little bit for me. My stomach began to hurt soon after. ):

 6:15PM a rare photo of Wallace. My dogs hate the camera. The planets most have aligned to get this shot. FYI: I took about 20 shots before I got this one.

 6:30PM Sam practices the cello.

 6:35: I take a picture of my favorite lamp.

 6:45ish realized that the furry ones must have slept on the couch why we were at work because it was covered in fur. They are currently shedding their coats. Yea! I vacuumed the couch before I sat down. Notice fur on the brush. Eeeee.

7:00PM I just got the Draw Something app today. OMG! It's so fun. I love pictionary, so I should have known that this game would suck me in. I spent a full 45 mins. playing with Sam who was in the other room of the house (hilarious) and random strangers.

The rest of the evening was spend reading magazines that came in the mail that I never ordered and watching You Tube make up guru videos. Current fave is Make Up Mommy. The tips are cool, but I also just like to hear about her life and what is happening in it. Cutest little girls.

Until tomorrow....


Sara said...

The paint on your house looks great! Your Week in the Life posts were similar to mine that summer. I did not get a ton of pictures, but I documented things that I would normally miss. I might try my Week in the Life in July so that I can have mine a year apart.

Anonymous said...

I love the photo of your dog! He looks like he's saying ok just get it over with! My dog is the same way :)