Monday, April 23, 2012

Ali Edwards' A Week in the Life

I have been wanting to try Ali Edwards's A Week in the Life project for sometime now. This time I decided to give it a try. I found that the daily sheets were helpful for keeping track of things through out the day and noting things I may have missed. I decided to do this during freshman registration week at the university. This will be interesting to see if I can make it though the whole week. This is a very busy time for our office.The second daily sheet really helped to sum up your day and really focus and view your day at a higher/deeper level.

 Here is my Monday:

7:00AM this was my breakfast +coffee. Yes, my kitchen table and scrap table are one in the same.

8:00AM at work. The top picture is the view outside the front door of our office.  The second is the bulletin board behind my office chair.

12:30PM driving back from lunch. The top is the price of my gas. The bottom photo I made larger, so you could see these three guys helping this person push his large truck toward the gas pump. Guys out of nowhere dropped what they were doing to help this guy that had run out of gas. This was my favorite moment of the day and a reminder that kindness always matters.

5:30 fed the dogs. A rare picture of Jack looking directly at the camera. He is the one that is in the picture with my layout in an earlier post from last week.

6:00PM had a snack. Drank some of Sam 's freshly juiced orange juice he made last night.

7:00PM took a picture of my husband in his man cave at the computer. Muhha!

8:00PM settled into a movie called A Better Life. It was up for an Oscar, but I never got to see it. It was a good and touching movie.

Well until tomorrow....hope everyone's  projects are going well.


Sara said...

Week in the Life is fun! I blogged it last July. I will have too do it again when things are more settled. My new office is barren and I don't really have a routine yet.

I want to see a picture of your new car :) I am back to driving the Camry since it is a good commuting car. Luckily, I am going against traffic on 280.

Good luck with registration week! I miss CFAC :(

Andrea said...

Looks like a great day! It's fun to get a glimpse into the way other people go about their daily routine!

Dawn Cosgrove said...

Great job on capturing your Day 1 of WITL :)