Sunday, April 22, 2012

Shimelle's Scrappy weekend part 8

So Shimelle's Scrappy weekend is coming to a close. So I am just doing what remaining challenges I can and picking them really based on when creativity strikes. I managed two get two layouts done this morning, so that is awesome. There are all sorts of fabulous prizes that go with the weekend. Those will be revealed after the weekend shuts down later today. The prizes will be drawn at random from the folks that posted scrappy links and commented on the various questions throughout the weekend. I am excited to see if I win any thing.
So for Challenge 8, we were to use a stamp on our page that we don't use as often. I chose one of my favorite sayings. I thought it was appropriate for this layout because VOICES was a volunteer club I belonged to in college. It was first being created when I began college. This picture is VOICES' very first executive board or officers as we called them back then. This group had a profound influence on my young life and directly led to the career field I am in today. In fact, after graduate school I got a job as their advisor and worked with VOICES for 7 years! It was pretty awesome to continue that cycle of change and influence over students lives. (: Here is my scrap page:

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Sara said...

I love mix of colors and patterns on the page!