Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scrappy Sunday with Shimelle: Part 1

So this weekend over at Shimelle's blog she was a bunch of scrapbooking challenges. I really wanted to do some this weekend. Lo and behold they inspired me and I became creative and super scrappy. This is good because for the past week I was in a creative rut. I would think about ideas in my head and then when I sat down to the kitchen table I could not seem to transfer it to paper. The challenges gave me a direction to go and some cool stuff came out of it. I am still working on them and probably will through out the coming week. I am just excited that I got my scrappyness back!
I am going to post the challenges separately so you can visit Shimelle's site and see how they all relate to her challenges.

For challenge one we were to scrap lift a page. Which basically means copy it, but make it your own. Below is the page from Jamie that we were using to scrap lift from.

scrapbook page by jaime warren

Here is my scrap lift:

This picture was taken on my scrap table. (aka the kitchen table)
 Scrapping gone wrong! Kidding. I was trying to experiment on where to take the pictures of my creations I was wondering would the harsher kitchen light be better or the more subtle light over the kitchen table. I took these pictures Friday evening, so there was natural light coming in from the sliding glass door to the kitchen table. I took the picture above on the kitchen floor. As you can see, my blue heeler Jackson wanted to see what was going on. Actually, this is a pretty cool picture of him. Normally he runs in fear of the camera.

So here is the kitchen floor picture, minus my dog. I added  a little journaling spot, but the journaling might expand beyond that. I think I kept a journal during that trip or least wrote some observations down, so I want to take a look at those first. Below are the inspiration points that I took from the original layout:

Inspiration Points:
  • general layout of page
  • small picture
  • washi tape
  • 2 elements at the top & bottom
  • scattered embellishments (mine turned out more clustered)


Sara said...

This page is full of awesomeness! I love the washi tape and the pink doilies. I don't think that I've seen your hair that short or Kat's hair that long.

I am missing SA and sad that I can't be there for Scrappy Sunday!

Cynthia said...

I love that your dog enjoys scrapbooking! That's an awesome photo in itself! ;-) Love the page too--that layout is beautiful!