Friday, April 27, 2012

A Week In the Life: Thurs.

So as I move forward with Week in the Life, I notice that I do have fewer pictures and my daily sheets are not as detailed as the beginning of the week. Some things are repetitive, but i still think you can capture the same thing just with a different picture or another angle to keep it fresh. Some pictures I have of Thursday and they will go in my Week in the Life album, but not on the internet. Mostly because I  know they would not like their picture on the internet. So I am respecting that wish. (ie my grandma, the Oxbow board and students in our lobby.) My Thursday:

12PM: lunch was the terakayi bowl at the JPL. I just discovered this and it's so good. The woman at the counter that makes it is so full of joy and I enjoy seeing her and talking with her.

6:PM the Land's End catalog is here and they have dresses now! The black notebook is my tiny watercolor/art journal. This is my first foray into art journaling. I will show more pictures once I finish my first page.

This agenda will represent the neighborhood association meeting I went to. It is a voluntary neighborhood association. I am the VP and the webperson.You can kinda see what we talked about. I did it at an angle to hide our names and phone numbers.

These puzzles will represent my grandma. She is the type of woman who will not leave the house without hair done and makeup on. Knowing this she would probably does not want her picture on the internet. However, I do have one of her and me to put in the WITL album. I took it with my phone (:

After the meeting I came home finished reading my catalog, hung out with the dogs and then went to bed. I never ate the dinner Sam brought home for me because my stomach hurt all day. I just went to bed early.

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