Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shimelle's Scrappy weekend part 5

Last weekend Shimelle had a scrap weekend at her blog. She gave us until the end of this weekend to complete the challenges. I don't think I will finish them all by the deadline, but I will probably still try them out on my own time. I think I can get at least about half done. I am just excited to have scrapped, so much lately. For challenge 5,we are suppose to use the page below from Wilna as inspiration to create our own page. Shimelle talked about inspiration points here and how they help her when creating pages. I thought this was cool, since I had mentioned it in one of the previous posts that I liked the inspiration point idea and thought about using the concept to help with my pages. In fact, I was hoping Shimelle would elaborate a bit more on the idea and lo and behold here we are. Great minds think a like.

Below is the page I created below. I made it x-large so you can see the snow:

So this is more of me at Niagara snow.. it does not snow in south Texas...well not like this. Needless to say, I was super excited about the snow when we went to visit. I actually kinda like that picture of me all bundled up. I love to play in snow, but am really glad I don't have to live in it. I get cold pretty fast. Ultimately, I am a sunshine kinda girl. Below are my inspiration points from Wilna's page.

Inspiration Points:
  • the fact that its a snow layout using spring type embellishments
  • The flow of the layout/butterflies
  • butterflies
  • clustered embellishments in left hand top corner
  • two matching piece on the side of the layout
  • washi tape
  • snow photos


Shonie said...

Cute page! I like the photos of you at Niagra Falls. The snow on the falls looks awesome!

Sara said...

Great page! I love the colors and the embellishments :)