Monday, April 16, 2012

Shimelle's Scrappy Monday part 4

The weekend is over, but I am continuing to do Shimelle's challenges throughout this week. Here is Challenge number 4:

I like this extra large photo size, so I may just do that from now on. I wanted to make it bigger so ya'll can see the deer in the bottom picture. It looks fake, but it s real. There was a tame deer herd that would come eat out of your hand. This little guy got super up close to the entrance of the B&B. This place was full  of awesome art and sculpture. Our hostess made this bread roll thing in the morning that is one of the best things I have ever tasted. I am not lying. I dream about it. The place is called Little Goose Lake Haus in Canyon Lake, TX. It's awesome. Sam and I try to go some place on every anniversary. Our anniversary is in August. The trips have to be nearby, because I have to be around for freshmen orientation.
The challenge of this layout was to use grey and yellow and one other color. I decided to go for pink. Its simple,yet slightly layered. Of course the new fave of the doily is present along with washi tape!

Inspiration Points
  •  color scheme (yellow,pink & gray)
  • lace/doilies
  • flowers
  • washi tape
  • butterflies
UPDATE: This is our 5th anniversary, not our 3rd! Hiliarious. It has now been changed. (:

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