Sunday, November 27, 2005

Well, I took Wed. off to hang out with Sam and got sick, throwing up sick that lasted until 4:00pm on Thanksgiving Day. So about 6:00pm, Sam and I headed over to Grandma's. By now I had kept Gatorade and chicken noodle soup down. The good news was Grandma, Aunt Neat, Neal, Uncle Robert and Aunt Debbie had not eaten yet. So I got to eat a feast after two days of barfing! I was glad to be with Grandma and crew. Gradama has a really bad ass balcony with reflection pool and we sat outside after dinner. I was also excited to see Uncle Robert. He had the same surgery I might have, so he out my fears to rest. He injured himself on his honeymoon, so you know that probably sucked. I also got to know Debbie more and I really like her. She was great. I am glad, in the end, I got to spend Thanksgving with family even if it was not the immediate family.

By Friday, I was tired so I skipped the British movie marathon for another time. Maybe around Chrsitmas.


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