Sunday, November 20, 2005

So I went to bed early last night, since I had a headache and pretty much slept through the night only to wake up once. So this morning I was up early; read Newsweek and then Sam and Jeff came home with a giant HDTV. I watched The Others on it; you know just to make sure it worked. Then we went over to the Slocum's for Thanksgiving. They are having it this weekend because Joe has the kids this weekend. Well Sam told his mom that he had the game at 5:00pm, so if they could make Thanksgiving early. Well she forgot, so we arrived early and just had dinner with the parents. The rest of the family and friends showed up after we left. It was still nice just to chat with his parents. The cool picture of the praying mantis was taken on the Slocum's front door. Nature RULES! After that we went back to our house and Sam's friends came over. We played Munkin Bites! and Illumanti. Both are card type games that make fun of role playing games. We played until about 10:00pm. Then everyone left, except for Clayton. Sam, Clayton and I played a video game until about 1:00am. It is called Call of Cathulu after the Lovecraft stories. You are a detective figuring out clues. It is from your perspective, so you run into scary thing and it kinda creeps you out because the video game is kinda real feeling. The controller even shakes when you get "nervous." Sam bought an X Box and some games with the money that he was going to use on the NYC trip. Hooray for used stuff on EBay. I will just put my London money away in savings, so I can use it for the NYC trip in March. Hopefully, I will go to NYC if I can find someone to go with my students on their spring break trip. Well all in all it was a good day.

Oh excitement~! The living room is clean now and looks great. Both cognac chairs are downstairs now. The house is shaping up.

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