Sunday, November 20, 2005

So I just finished watching It Happened One Night with Clark Gable. It was on Turner Classic movies and they always have some announcer guy sharing interesting facts about the movie. Well, in this movie there is a scene where Clark gets undressed and he is talking about how a man undresses. Well first he takes off his hat, then his coat, then his suspenders, then his dress shirt and he is just bare chested underneath the dress shirt. Now, usually, men would have on undershirts under their dress shirts, but Clark is chattering constantly in this scene and he found it hard to do his lines, while taking off an undershirt. The director decided he could leave the undershirt out of the scene. Well, after this movie men just stopped wearing undershirts all together. This movie revolutionized fashion! In fact the men's underwear industry took such a hit financially, from men not buying undershirts, that they tried to sue Colombia Pictures! Evidently, things were bad for men's underwear for a long time until Marlon Brando revitalized the undershirt in Streetcar Named Desire. Then the men' s undershirt industry was back on top again~

Classic. I love little movie tidbits like that!

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