Friday, April 01, 2011


Ok, so we set up a meeting with the Lutherans and they look awesome! They answered all our questions and we met for about an hour. There were a few questions the gal we met with did not know,so she said she would get back to us on. She was getting ready to go into a meeting after us and some answers would be revealed there. One had something to do with cost. Ekkk. She said it was more about when to pay versus rising costs. They are quite a bit cheaper. The Methodisst were great,too. However, you can't argue with cheaper.

Thier next intake is in June/ July. They do them once a year unless there is a need to do more. They have a day long orientation session that explains all the processes in adoption and also general new parent stuff. The home study expeirence they do all in one super long day. The homestudy could be resolved in a month.

I could see us having a baby by the Fall. The reason I say this is we are more flexible on race and general issues than most. We are at least willing to weigh and look at most situttions, where others are not. They give us a profile of the birth family up front and then ask if we want to meet..that is part of the discuss part. The gal we met with said we can have plenty of time to do this. Even if a baby was born and there had to be a discussion we could still do it and the baby would just go into craddle care. Essentially a very temp. home/foster sitution. She said it is basically retired ladies rocking babies. Cute!

I am hopeful!


Anonymous said...

That is awesome! This could be the year of the baybay.

Alison said...

I am hopeful for you Sharis!

Alison xx

Jen said...

I am sending all the good vibes I can think of from my little island - know that there are lots of us keeping you in our prayers so that everything works out just as it should! ((hugs)) J x