Monday, April 18, 2011


Hello Readers!

So as you have seen in the previous post I am in the process of clearing out my scrapbook room in favor of the nursery (getting ready for the home study). I still really want a scrap space of my own, but I am struggling on what that new place will be and what it would look like. I want a space that can be organized and tucked away, especially since there will be a kid in our future. I am toying with the idea of having supplies in more than one room, but I don't want things in every nook and cranny of the house. I am looking for ideas, so I turn to you dear readers. I am wondering what your creative spaces look like? Is there a defining piece that brought your nook together? Where do you scrap/create in your house? Where do you store your stuff? Please leave any ideas in the comments section of this post. Thanks in advance for your help!



Jen said...

I haven't got a craft room - I wish I had - but my 2 youngest children are still at home - so most of my stuff is stored in my bedroom. I try to put everything for a project in a basket and bring it downstairs to work at my kitchen table. I have my tools all together in a tote - which can be left just under a chair - but is quick and easy to clear away if we have guests. Its not a perfect system and sometimes I get a bit too much out to keep a tidy work area - and I take no credit for it as it originally came from Shimelle's Journal your Christmas class, but it does work reasonably well for me. All good wishes to you both for when baby arrives, J x

Sharis said...
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