Friday, June 30, 2006

small world

So a while back my Dad told me this story about how he was walking in the neighborhood and ran into a guy who had moved back to Tnaglewood. Evidently he grew up in Tanglewood as a kid and then moved back as an adult. He moved in across the street from Natalie Lund's house. Anyway, the other day I went to the alumni association to pledge my money for lifetime membership and Jeanne at the front was the one that sold the house to the guy that grew up in Tanglewood. It turns out her family lived there for 27 years so I grew up just down the street from thier house. Crazy we were on the same street most of our lives.


Andrew J. Hill said...

Small world!

Hey, did you ever hear from my friend Kurt, the one who has been through the adoption process? Just wondering, as his wife & their daughter are in town (here in San Antonio) for the next few weeks!

nerdelite said...