Monday, June 12, 2006


So Sam and I have been thinking about adoption, specifically from China. It seems like recently I have been running into folks that have Chinese adoption connections. Evidently there are several families in San Antonio considering it. Well we found this place Great Wall and their International headquarters is in Austin. It seems like things are falling into place. I ordered a info. Guide and video and I cried through most of it. In Fact I began crying at the forward.


pamela said...

wow! big pastor just adopted a girl from china. she is adorable, but it is a lot of work adjusting to another culture...even as a child...i think it´s even harder as adult, though, because you are more accustomed to so many things from your home culture.

Andrew J. Hill said...

Mary Lynne and I have some friends, two couples we know very well, who have gone through the process; they both had great experiences, and now have two lovely daughters, respectively.

If you like, I would be happy to get the contact information from them!