Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pinata Fiesta

Last Saturday was my brother-in -law's birthday party. (Happy 32!) We had two pinatas to celebrate. The first one was for the kids and was full of candy. The second one was for the adults and full of tiny alcohol bottles. It was awesomely creative. It was a nice night to be outside enjoy bar-b-que and laugh with friends/family. I see a layout in the future with some of the new American Crafts Zing! It definitely needs to be a bright and happy layout (:
My nephews celebrates that he knocked the head off the kid's pinata

My brother-in-law taking a swing at the adult pinata

In the end we put the head on the mail box, just because we could.


Margie S (xnomads) said...

Great fun with a couple of pinatas. I think that horse head should just stay on that mailbox. And never heard of an adult pinata before - that could get interesting! No broken bottles in the end? I suppose if there was, everyone would be way too happy to notice. : )

Sharis said...

No broken bottles. They were the tiny plastic bottles you get on the airplane or mini refrigerators in hotels.