Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Blog Hop

I will be particIpating in my first ever blog hop at 9am CST on May 5th. The theme is that you post a recent photo of your family. It can be whatever you define as family.
This blog hop is in support of a grander project that one of my fellow classmates in the Beyond Blogging for Scrapbookers class is working on. Margie is doing a photo a month for a year of her family. I think it would be interesting to see people change over time. A lot can happen in a year!
Anyway, I hope that you stop by my blog on Thursday May 5th to see photos of our families and to give inspiration/support to Margie to keep going on her mission of family x 12!


Alison said...

I'll be back tomorrow to have a peek!
Alison xx

Margie S said...

Hurray! I didn't know this would be your first blog hop. Exciting! Can't wait to see your picture. : )

Melissa said...

I'm participating in the hop, too! "See" you there.

Kari said...

oh NO i missed out on the blog hop. :(

thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello :D