Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I was going to do Project 365, but I have decided to wait. I was coming off of Dec. Daily and I think the combo of both were too much. I may save my Project Life kit and document the first year of my baby's life. The kit basically sets itself up. I just need to remember to take pictures. Somehow with a new baby I think I will be inspired regularly.

Speaking of babies....
So I got a call from the adoption agency on the 10th saying they want to talk with me about the prelimanary application we sent in and said that they were looking for people to be brought into the program in Jan./Feb. I called and emailed back..several times. I am at the point that I feel like a stalker and I am wondering if something else is up. There is only one person that coordinates domestic adoptions. Maybe the coordinator is at a conference or sick. She has been prompt with replies in the past. I think next time I may just ask the front desk what is up and see if they tell me anything. I am excited, but now conused on what is happening. I had some questions I wanted to ask on timing, but so far no respose. I guess this is the stressful waiting people talk about. Boo.

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Sara said...

I think that the Project Life kit will work well as a first year album for a baby. I was inspired to take lots of photos Alex's first year! I take less now, and it is hard to get him to sit/stand still. It will be nice to have the album on hand when the time comes. Hang in there!