Thursday, September 29, 2005

Ok so the sibs are kicking my ass on posts. So here goes the long post.....

So I have been volunteering out at KellyUSA. Entertaining kids in an after school day care program. Kelly USA is where they house all the hurricane evacuatees. The cool thing is one of my favorite pair of sisters left on Tuesday for good. Their mom had found an apartment. That is good because I know its old living in a warehouse with your cot 8 inches from a total stranger. The kids were real aggressive, but I probably would be too if my home was destroyed and I had to move to a whole new state with strangers all around me. Mostly you just have to remember these are kids that still just want to be kids so just color, play Dodge ball, jenga, help with home work, basically just play and hang out with them.

The other cool thing is last night Kat and I drove to San Marcos. Maya Angelou was speaking at Texas State. We met up with kat's little brother and then headed off to the student union. It was outside. There were still 100s of people of all race, gender, etc. out in the 105 degree heat to see Maya speak. She basically rocked the house. She is 78 and is still rocking big time and has had such a large life already. She was serious and funny and just down right inspiring. She talked about courage. She started out singing about the rain not coming anymore and how we are all rainbows in the clouds. Then she went into poetry/prose about the rains coming and thinking they were wrathful Gods and taking home and cities and lives, but in the end there were rainbows in the clouds. Then of course all the people in the audience went nuts and cheered and clapped. It probably hit a little too close to home for some. Naturally, I almost cried and it was only the first poem. Anyway, I am sooo glad I finally got to see her.

Well off to get t-shirts for our road clean up at work tomorrow.

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