Thursday, May 03, 2012

A week in the Life: Fiesta Sat.

Continuing a Week in the Life...
So from 10:30 ish to 3:00ish Johanna and I went to the King Williams Fiesta event. It was awesome. We ate, laughed and bought things. Fiesta is essentially a two week party that started out as an event to honor folks at San Jacinto and evolved into awesome. It was super fun and I love the spirit, crazy fun and costumes that go along with it every year. Here are pics of Fiesta Fun:

 As we were riding the bus downtown, we saw this sweet dog ready for Fiesta. There is a dog parade early in the morning, so at this event there is always a lot of cute dogs walking amongst the people.

 All dressed up and ready to go. I am sure there was some event she was part of or just finished up with an event. She could be dressed up because she is a kid and wanted to be. Hugs!

 Each event has their own medal and people collect them throughout the years. I have the UTSA ones from 2001 forward. People like to display them on sashes, much like this lady here. Woah! She has a lot of medals. 

 These great danes were awesome! So is this ladies shirt and flower headdress. I remember getting the headdresses at events when I was little. Okay, when I was big, too. All events in SA seem to have the headdresses because they are awesome!

Yea, for raspas! Johanna and I knew it was our destiny to have one and we found them right before we headed home.

People, how can you not love this dog?! Princessa? and awesome! 

After the fiesta event Sam and I had movie night. This is a pic of the theatre at night. We saw Cabin in the Woods and yes it was good. Two words Joss Weddon!

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