Tuesday, July 05, 2011

YEA! Layouts

OK, I finally got around to doing and photographing some layouts. I am still trying to figure out the best way to photograph a layout.  I always seem to get reflected light in my pictures and have to take many shots, until I get one without reflected light. Also, my layouts seem far away. This may be because I am use to zooming in when I take photographs. You can't exactly do that and get the whole layout in the picture. I may have to re-visit Shimelle's class. I believe one of the lessons was on this very thing. Any advice blog readers?

I was experimenting with some washi-esque tape here. I found it in the dollar bin at Michaels.

This one I actually did some journaling. Woah, woah. This was my first Alternative Spring Break trip I took with university students as the acting advisor. ASB trips are when you use your school break to volunteer. Here we are in New Orleans.

This is the first 12 X 12 layout I have done in a long time, much less a double pager! I was following Shimelle's 4 X 6 Love class on Two Peas. I was going off her sketch/layout. I tend to freak out with all the space a 12 X 12 has in front of me. Hence, my favorite layout size is 8 X 8. However, I did enjoy making this 12 X 12 layout a lot. Maybe sketches can help with the fear of negative space issues (:

Journaling on above layout:  On the journaling block: "UT forgot to order robes for their first graduating class of law students. The students at the time decided to wear white and sunflowers." On the brown strips below: "Tradition continues to this day" On the brown strips above the Four Seasons picture: "brunch before graduation" On the brown strips by the wilting flower picture: "someone froze all the sunflowers and they wilted!"


Alison said...

Great the handwritten journalling!

Melissa said...

Nice layouts! I think you're doing a great job photographing them. It's definitely tricky to keep the reflections off, I still struggle with it.