Monday, February 14, 2011

Adoptive couple friends

Sam's friend he games with is adopting from the Methodist Mission Home. They decided and signed up. Sam's friend and his wife saved up half and the parents paid the other half. So they have a home study in March. Is it wrong I want to be these people and am a little jealous? At the very least they can give us the scoop on everything!(:

I did find out some dirt, though. When I asked about the price increase, I was told economy. However, Sam's friend noticed that there was a big dip down in adoptions last year (stat. nerd) Anyway, they finally got MMH to tell them why. They had a mother who found out you can get money for having babies from the government, so she rode it out got free health care from MMH and then changed her mind, so she could get the $$. She came back to the campus and convinced 7 other mothers to do the same. That means there were seven tearful hopeful adoptive parents crushed. It's one thing to change your mind because you just can't go through with it after all. It's another thing to change your mind for cash. Tear. Anyway, Sam's friend thinks that's why prices went up. Kinda of a weird circumstance. They still seem one of the better agencies. Just wish prices had not gone up.

Oh, the lady I was working with at the Lutheran place is going on maternity leave! (yea another thing. Sigh!) So I get to work with her supervisor. She will be the one we interview in March. This could be good, cause she probably knows a lot of stuff.


Sara said...

Yes, tear for the MMH story. The journey continues... Hang in there and it will work out!

Sara said...

Even though our offices are next to each other, it is still fun comment on each other's blogs :)