Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We have picked an agency

Sam and I have decided that we are going to use The Methodist Mission Home as our adoption agency. Really it came down to we liked what we saw in person. They seemed pretty straight forward, which was refreshing. Also, the gal in charge of domestic adoptions answers my questions right away on email, even if they make no sense.

We have to fill out an initial application to see if we can move forward to the actual contractual stuff. The initial application takes about 60 days to assess. We are planning to fill this out once we get back from out Fl trip (extend stay at World Disney World after Sharis' conference ends)One of the things we have to do is give them a family picture. We wanted to do one with the dogs, but mostly it went awry. Evidently dogs don't sit still for pictures, hate flashes are generally looked too big or kujo-like in the finished picture. If you know our heelers they are very cute and friendly. Any kid would *heart* them. Anyway, we have decided to send a separate picture of just Sam and I and a separate picture of the dogs looking at treats. Hopefully, this will work out well.

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