Friday, June 04, 2010

stroms and contacts

Two things:

#1: So did y'all experience the storm with high winds on Wed night? Evidently there were 65 to 85 mile an hour winds. In fact the wind ripped a tree from our backyard and threw it into the adjourning neighbors fence. Luckily our neighbors were once in APO, which I advised briefly. Rock and roll.
After the storm when trees were all jacked upall over Oxbow and debris was all over the street and no electricity I decided grandma might be in trouble. So I ventured out to find her. Sam pointed out she survived the dust bowl and depression and regular twister activity in KS and she was probably fine. When I arrived she was kicking it on the front porch talking about how everything smelled so fresh and new. She was totally fine. In fact she drove through the storm coming home from choir practice. Hard core.

#2: I met a women on the internet through one of the adoption forums I joined and she is adopting and is from San Antonio. She is more organized than me and has been to some local agency orientations already. She liked Gladney as well and is attending their orientation soon. She is looking at the ABC program, too. I am excited to have this person to talk to through this journey.

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