Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Major Updates

Ok folks major updates ahead:

UTSA: Well, last week was the first week of school and it was super busy. I worked last Saturday doing this conference for students and the Sunday before MLK I did a workday with my VOICES students. So by the end of the week I was tired, but then it is kinda always like that the first week of school. It turns out that we are going to send students to New Orleans over spring break to help with hurricane relief efforts. I am excited about this trip and think it will be a humbling experience for the students that are going.

Nevil: The big news around here currently is Nevil Shed. He was one of the players on The Texas Western basketball team in 1966. They started black players which had never been done before and they won the championship title. The movie Glory Road is literally his life. Nevil even had some plot lines in the movie. Anyway, it was a good movie that the whole family could enjoy. Nevil is even on a Wheaties box and he is practically excited about that.

Physical Therapy: So the physical therapy continues. I actually look forward to the sessions which is weird. The folks there are nice and it seems to be helping a lot. I can drive now and bend my leg when I sit at my desk and have it not hurt. I can walk without crutches, but I have to remember to bend my leg when I walk. I also still wear the brace during the day. Tomorrow I go see the orthopedist, so we will see what he has to say on the progress. Dirk, the PT guy said he is a conservative doctor and does not usually do surgery unless he has to. So I might just have to do PT and never need the surgery. I am getting better but I also realize it is a slow constant process that will take some time.

Nephews: Sam and I went over to his brother's house to play the Dungeon and Dragons game they got for Christmas. We arrived about 6:00pm and stayed until 11:00pm! The next day we all went to Dave & Busters because Jonah got the highest score in his whole school on his TAKS test (the new TEAMS for those of my generation) Anyway, the nephews are cute and super excited about everything. Being a kid was cool.

Jeff: Jeff's dad sold the house in TN so now he can begin to look for a house here. Also, Jeff presented his work he has been doing for his Masters Saturday in CA to a committee and they seem to like it. Also, he presented some ideas to the paten board on Friday. Jeff and his professor are making a teaching model for surgeon students that simulates real skin, so the students can practice cutting in real skin vs. cadaver skin. Evidently the give, texture, etc. is all very different. Anyway, the model, method and idea can all be patented so Jeff and this professor get to publish the paper and might get dollars from the patent. Cool!

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